Ribbon Roses

Sydney and I had been secretly making yellow (her favorite colour!) ribbon roses  for Mothers Day.

They are very easy to make, take a length of wire edge ribbon about 80cm and tie a knot in one end.  Go to the other end and find the little wire, gently pull the wire to gather the ribbon.  Syd enjoyed this but snapped a few wires, so do not pull to hard!  Once the ribbon is fully gathered, twist it around the knot to form the rose.  Use the spare wire to hold everything in place.  We added wire stems and wrapped them with florists tape.

Syd was so excited that we had finished the roses this morning, that she went running up to her Mama (Bev) and gave them to her!

Well at least I got to see the joy on Bev's face.  We made the card as well,  Syd did the stamping of Mama (don't look too closely as you will see little red finger marks!!!!)

Thank you for all your get well wishes - I am on the mend.

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