A right Regal bag

Well, what can I say - your support overwhelmed me.  You left such wonderful comments and sent delightful emails of encouragement after yesterdays posting, THANK YOU.

As they say in France "on y va" - lets go.

Bev has a right Regal NEW Ribbon Bag!

Quite spooky to think that Bev's NEW Ribbon Bag is all Regal in Red, White and Blue when I was only playing around with the colours at the weekend.  We must be on the same wave length. Lots of plain simple ribbon in the royal colours, as well as a few with gold edges.  And of course she had to put a polka dot in!  Foiled hearts to say we love you and the Regal bag would not be complete without the Union Jack Ribbon.  Bev's NEW Regal bag could be yours for only £5.00 - bargain! The union Jack ribbon on it's own is £1 a mtr. To buy Bev's bag just click HERE

For the first time in weeks I felt as if I had time to myself today, I have even completed tomorrows Hello Wednesday project!  Not something I normally do until wednesday morning. Nope I am not going to tell, you will have to check back tomorrow to have a looksee.

I finally took the last photos from our Easter Bunny Hop Challenge - they had come all the way from Australia.  So without further ado let me show you Yvonnes and Annettes scrummy goodies.

All aboard the Easter Train.  Wow that is truly wicked Yvonne, what a simple clever idea.

Is it a bird? Is it a card? No it is.........

....a concertina photo album. Magic Yvonne, this will be just perfect for what I have planned this Easter.  An Easter Bunny hunt for the little ones, I have been telling them that I have been growing baby chocolate bunnies, so that they can find them in my garden.  The bunnies are not very big and needs to eat loads before Easter, so they will be nice and fat and chocolately to eat.  I did not think any more about this little story until Rachie phoned me to say that Mollie was in a state, crying her heart out - they had gone round to Bev's house to feed her bunnies while they were at Disneyland and Mollie was adamant that we had to go to Ali's house to feed her bunnies. But Ali doesn't have bunnies, sorry Rachie.

A perfect Easter tag from Annette.....just think of the size of Easter egg this would look good on.

I hope I have photographed this correctly Annette.  I have never seen a corner book mark before - it is truly gorgeous.

Wow she is beautiful Annette.

I think I am 99.9% convinced that I have shown everyones creations - it has been a very long challenge, what with being away at the shows and then losing my SD card.  If I have missed any, please do email me at  craftyribbons@gmail.com and I will do a search.

With everybodys agreement can I start to open the challenge Seam Binding envelopes tomorrow....please.....pretty please!

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