All the fuss

Don't know what all the fuss is about Ali, it was easy getting Mollie to pick this weeks Friday FREEBIE winners. I took the photo while mummy stood behind me holding the sweeties!!!

Although you have to be quick, she whizzes those numbers out of the bag so quickly, as you can see from the photo number 16 is still moving. If you do not shout STOP she just keeps picking numbers, and trying to get the "Bingo" bag off her, well we are glad that Ali will be back for next weeks photo. The tears stopped as soon as the sweeties appeared.

the lucky numbers are 7 and a very fast 16!

No. 7 Marg "Those ribbons look almost good enough to eat - though I promise if I win I wont do that! I'll use them on my cards."

No. 16 Lisa Hemmings "ooooh I love those colours, they are gorgeous.
Fingers crossed ALL weekend that I am the lucky one!
Love Lisa xx"

 Well done Marg and Lisa you have a delightful selection of Strawberry and Cream Ribbons coming your way, all we need are your addresses to please.  As for everyone else a big big thank you for your wonderful comments, Rachie and I only wish we could send you all a prize.

Cor what a fab weekend weather wise, Syd and Sam loved playing in the garden, A while back Ali gave them a huge daisy that you attach to a hose pipe.  They have so much fun, the daisy dances about spraying water everywhere and they try to chase it.  Hope your weekend was just as fun filled as ours.

Bev and Rachie xx


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