Animal Christmas

I started to write this post at 9 this morning and have only just got back to my desk!

I wanted to show you these…...

cat header

Our latest NEW Christmas ribbons……………did you think we had launched all the new ranges?

By now you know what we do with these large number ribbons…..

advent kit photo

You can make one of these.
Our kits are only £10 and come complete with 40% wool felt.
All you need is needle and threads, scissors and pins.  We all have those!

Wonderful Christmas animals perfect for little ones.

IMG_1007 animals

All having fun.


The detail on the ribbons is just amazing, there is a little red line with bows to show you where to sew the pockets.

IMG_0999 numbers

I must admit we did have fun designing this range, you can find it here.

Fingers crossed tomorrow is not as hectic!

Ali x

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