Which came first

The ribbons or the buttons?

cat header 2

Now that would be telling…….

We have the same cheeky characters on both our ribbons and wooden buttons, they make Festive Combos!

IMG_0937 santa 1

Santa was the first I designed, he just so needed his classic Ho Ho Ho matching ribbon.

Then I moved onto these guys….

IMG_0942 snowman 1

I got a bit carried away with the colour of their jackets.
I did manage to stop after 5! The matching word ribbon, just had to read  Let it snow….

IMG_0933 tree1

No Christmas would be complete without a Christmas Tree.

How could I leave the collection at three designs, such a odd number…………
So along came…………….

IMG_0946 penguin2

My very smart Penguins, dressed in ties and bow ties!
Well Wintertime is such fun.

The Festive Combos can be found here.

You can either buy them as a set or just the ribbons or just the buttons – it is up to you.

We hope you have fun with our combos, we did have a giggle designing them.

Have a great weekend.

Ali x x

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