Back to School

This is maybe a little early for some, but for others it will not come soon enough!

Apples, bookworms, pencils and rulers in ribbons and buttons.  A little bit of fun to add to your school projects. You can find them all here.

I opened some more of the Colour Create ribbon Challenge parcels today - from Niina and Laura.

Niina sent in the yummy duo of a cupcake and macaroon, she wanted to make something a little different with added yumminess.

This white cupcake is covered in frosty icing, drizzled with ric rac and with a spot or two of buttons looks really yummy Niina.  

As for the macaroon, well I am not sure one will be enough for afternoon tea Niina.  I tried designing a ribbon with macaroons on, looked like squashed flies! So I gave up.

When I opened Laura's box it seemed to be filled with sunshine.  This little gift box is a delight.

As you all know I am a fan of ribbon flowers, these will be happy with my collection Laura.

I think this is brilliant Laura and what a perfect way to mark your page, it would make me smile when ever I opened my book.

Very neat petals Laura.

Laura also sent a delightful star ribbon brooch.  This would cheer up a winters day.

Finally Laura sent me an email with a photo of a scrap book page, I have just tried to retrieve it.  But................ I think I have misfiled it Laura - sorry.  Please could you send it again to me, so that I can share to all.

EDITED -Laura has just email me her scarpbook page so thought I would show you all tonight.

Lots of rays of sunshine this time Laura, keep grining it makes the world go round.

This is my second attempt at writing this post today, the first got deleted (by mistake) by the best person in the world!!  Fingers crossed this one makes it to the publish stage.

Ooooh nearly forgot, have you seen our NEW sliding front page on the website.



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