Bags of Charm

We all have a bag of off cuts of ribbon, you cannot bear to throw them away, but unsure what to do with them.  Well here is a little project that requires 6 or 7 different narrow ribbons about 30cm long.

Add a few charms or buttons to the end of the ribbons and you have a great stocking filler. Magic!

Collect your bits around you, ribbons - 5 or 6 different types + 1 narrow ribbon, buttons or charms, scissors and a keyring clasp.

Attach a ribbon onto the keyring clasp with a single knot.

Pull the ribbon tight around the metal loop.

Attach another ribbon in the same way.

Keep going until all the 5 or 6 ribbons are attached.

With the narrow ribbon left, wrap it around all the ribbons twice and form a knot.  Make sure it is pulled very tightly.

One bag charm without the charms.  You can use it like this, just seal the ends of the ribbon with a line of clear nail varnish to stop them from fraying.

To add the buttons (or Charms) cut away part of the ribbon to leave a long edge.

By cutting away the edge it makes it easier to thread buttons onto the ribbon.

Trim the end of the ribbon and seal with clear nail varnish. If the button fits snugly onto the ribbon there is no need to knot the end of the ribbon as it should not fall off. If unsure just pop a little knot at the end of the ribbon.

Add as many buttons and charms as you want, knot a few ends just to add a little extra dimension. and you have a fun little gift.

An early night for me, I'm off home!

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