Simple Gingham

The two lucky numbers of our Friday FREEBIE are.....

Sydney and Bev did the honours today, they have picked two numbers from our "Bingo" Bag, they are.......

Numbers 5 - Marjorie and 14 - Sue D

Well done girls, you have a super prezzie all wrapped up to go under your trees.  Please can you email us with your address so we can get them in the post to you.  Once again thank you all for the comments you left.  Some of you had us giggling!!  We are really pleased to read that you are giving our ribbon projects a try, we still have a few more up our sleeve.

Eleven days to go and we are really, really pleased our Red Gingham Ribbon is back in stock.  Hooray! Hooray! Now I can show you how to tie these simple bows, I love it when a plan comes together!!

I have shown you how to tie Tree Bows and how to tie big fancy Pom Pom Bows, but lets go back to basics and show you how to tie a bow around a parcel, or a sweetie bag. The six sweetie bags were an order from Bev!

Last year all my parcels were wrapped in brown paper and tied with red and white gingham ribbon, I finished them off with gift tags from Holly and Ivy leaves and sprigs of rosemary.  Just use a white gel pen to write on the leaves.  I thought they looked stunning, but I had a few complaints, well not complaints little grumblings....  My presents normally have acres and acres of ribbon on them, big pom pom bows and oodles of ribbons.  It would appear that everyone would carefully unwrap the presents so the ribbon and bows could be used again!!!!! One form of recycling.

Simple bows.

Tie the ribbon around your parcel, and tuck under.  A little trick is to place a pin into the knot that has been formed, this way the ribbon will not loosen while you are tieing the bow. (I appear to have a warm glow to my photos today - no idea why!)

Fold up the right hand ribbon tail to form a loop.  Hold between thumb and finger.

Bring the left hand ribbon tail over the top of the loop and trap in place with your thumb.

Remove your finger and push the ribbon up behind the first loop, through the hole that was made by your finger.  You can just see the loop coming out on the right hand side.

Pull more of the second loop through.

Pull the loops tight, working them to get the size you want.  The secret to a good simple bow is a tight centre knot.  Once you are happy with the bow, remove the pin.  Trim the ribbon ends.

While writing this posting we have just had a wonderful email from Leslie, I hope she will not mind if we share it with you.

"Hi Ali and the Team

Just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic service - I placed my order late afternoon Friday and got home this afternoon (Monday) to find it on the doorstep - brilliant. Also to say thanks for the bloggers discount - really appreciated!

Love the blogg and the wonderful Christmas Countdown ideas, truely inspirational!

Keep up the good work

Leslie x"

It makes it all worth while - thank YOU.

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