Ballet today

I am so excited Sydney starts ballet today.  I haven't seen her all dressed up, but am hoping she will pop into the office later.  She has to take a cuddley toy with her, as she has to dance with it in one of the routines.  Syd only has Winnie (the pooh), he goes everywhere with her.  I had a call from Bev a few months ago, they had lost Winnie in Tesco's and could I go and look for him.  I did feel rather a fool wandering around, I am sure security had their eye on me.  I did stop short of calling out his name!!  He was found in a shopping trolley - thank god.

So Winnie is joining ballet today as well.

His outfit (Syd knows he is a boy, but has no problem him being dressed in pink!), is all made from ribbon.  40mm satin for the head band bow.  Same ribbon folded in half for the waist band.  I have had the netting in the warehouse for ages, but have not got round to putting it on the site!

The outfit would not be complete without ballet shoes.  Winnie's feet are not very delicate, but I managed to make a "new" style of ballet pumps!

Yep - it is ribbon.  Felt for the sole (non slip!) and silk ribbon for the ties.

The girls think I need a holiday...... I was just having fun.


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