Bev has a NEW Ribbon Bag

Glad to hear you all like my NEW butterfly ribbons.  I had to almost lock them away from Bev, she sooooooooooo wanted to put them into her last Bev's bag. As it is I can spot 5 ribbons in her NEW Bev's bag that are not on the website - what am I going to do with her?!

She has called this her "Celebrate Summer" Ribbon Bag, you can find it HERE.  Just had another look at the photo, there are SIX NEW ribbons, and one is my Balloon ribbon.  That's it, when (or should I say IF) our ribbon deliveries turn up next week, I am going to lock myself in the office while I unpack them on my own - making sure I make really loads of loud oooohs and aahhs.

OK, OK I am not that mean, we all enjoy opening boxes full of NEW ribbons.

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