Blanket Stitch

My Nan taught me how to sew, and it is still a passion of mine today.  We used to make dolls clothes and little blankets together.  Blanket stitch is the first stitch I remember learning, and it appears to be back "in fashion" again.  This is Rachie's favorite picture of Mollie.  Her dress has a form of blanket stitch on the sleeves, and the little house embroidery is finished in blanket stitch.

I had the layout all planned, but all the pink paper I had was too PINK, and all the white was too WHITE.  I am miles away from any craft store, so I had to do a bit of combining!  I used a pink pearl card for the base then overlayed it with a white hand made paper.  I think this has made it rather delicate, suitable for "Miss Mollie".   The border and the photo have both been hand stitched.

I do love the flowers and they are sooooo easy to make!  There is a lot of sewing on this layout (which I enjoyed - all down to you Nan!). The flowers are made from 15mm sheer with a knot of ribbon to form the centre, 6mm grosgrain for the stalks and the leaves.

You can not see the little house embroidery in the main photo, but it was just too cute not to include!

In France you can have photographs turned into stamps. Rachie brought this one to show me this morning - so thought I would include it in the layout, that's what scrapbooking is all about!!!!

Have a fantastic weekend, don't forget the change in the clocks...... I lose an hour of scrapping!!!!!

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