My Ray of Sunshine

I have been following the Vendee Globe, which is a Round the World Singlehanded Yacht Race.  It has been very gripping, with several competitors having to drop out, due to damaged boats or sails.  When the winner Michel Desjoyeaux sailed across the finish line, he came on the radio and said "It was his ray of sunshine".

This got me thinking - Ray of Sunshine.  My Ray of Sunshine...... SYDNEY.  This scrap page was born!!!

This is my favourite scrap page, I smiled all the way through making it!  The ribbon"scrap" detail on the side was inspired by Syd.  She was crafting one day last week, putting glitter glue on to a rubber stamp, then sticking scrap ribbons to it!!!!

Yellow is her favourite colour.  We are told this hundreds of times in a day!

I wanted the word "MY" to really stand out, as she is "My ray of sunshine". I then added a few ribbons to the tag.

Syd will not see this till later, she will say "Sydney on telly".


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