Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Rachie - honest it is Rachies birthday today, not an April's fools joke!!

Poor Rachie has had to suffer, throughout our childhood we used to play some terrible jokes on her.  Sending happy birthday dear brother cards, putting her presents in the rubbish bin!  For her 18th, I gave her a large loaf of bread - it was a nice one, it came from Waitrose!!! I had cut a hole in the bottom and taken all the centre out to make room for her present, a camera.  I am always nice in the end!?

I made a lovely card for her today. I would like to point out that Rachie is mad about "Cows"!!!!

I even had the happy birthday ribbon specially printed for her - oh, and several hundred mtrs extra!!

As always my cards are made from ribbon.  I wrapped her prezzie up in white tissue paper and used the cow print ribbon to tie it up - it looked rather good.

Happy Birthday Rachie, hope you like all your goodies - have a great day.

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