Cats away...

While the cat is away the mice will play!!!!

If only that was true.... we feel more like the ugly sisters and that Cinderella has gone to the ball.  Ali has left us with so much work to do, she launches Christmas and then goes on holiday.

We “LOVE” you Ali come home soon.  Talking about LOVE, what do you think of our NEW ribbons?

There are 20 different colours in the range, all printed on 15mm grosgrain. Have a look at them here

If you thought that because we had launched our Christmas range there would be nothing NEW for a while, then think again.  We have oodles of NEW goodies for you, we have the.... No Ali will kill us if we tell you, but there is a stunning new collection out in a few weeks time that was inspired by a pair of shoes!!!!

Rachie & Bev

or should that be Anastasia and Drizella!!!

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