More Crafty Rolls

I am back from holiday, batteries are fully charged and raring to go!

So lets kick off with this weeks selection of our fantastic ribbon rolls.  Still at the bargain price of 10p a metre.

There are some cracking ribbons in this weeks shopping trolley - a 50mm wide plain satin in a lovely aqua colour, I am sure this one will not remain on the shelves very long!  We still have masses of different ribbons to add to this collection, so do not forget to check back every Monday to see the new selection.

We have a new office computer, and the keyboard is too fast for me and a bit confusing, why you ask? I normally use my laptop which is not QWERTY but a French layout, so all the letters are in different places.  Any spelling mistakes are not really there, they are just typo's!! Think I have worked out what is really wrong with this keyboard, there are no crumbs or bits between the keys!! I am sure Sam will fix that.

I had lots of parcels waiting for me this morning, but I was a good girl and did not open them.  I need time to enjoy all the lovely treasures that everyone from the challenge sends in, and I knew today would be rather hectic (first day back is always a nightmare!).  All goodies will go on the blog this week, so don't miss them.

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