Lilac Delight

I had been working on my NEW Bev's Bag while Ali was on Holiday.  I had thought of doing a christmas bag, but I was hoping that summer would last for a few more weeks!  Each morning I came in and added a few more ribbons to the bag, I think I got a bit carried away - what do you think?

I have called it Lilac Delight - because it will be a delight to receive one, as there are just so many ribbons.  As ever a few polka dot ribbons slipped in (well a Bev's Bag would not be the same without polka dots)!!  I can not see them in the picture but there are 2 of the NEW Love ribbons, Delphinium and Light Orchid, these are a dream and I just "Loved" the way they were photographed.  There are 25mtrs of ribbons, several that are not on the website and the value is £11.85 and as always yours for ONLY £5.00

I am rather excited and sad at the moment, remember my car broke down on our way to the ferry to go on holiday.  I am excited about getting a new car this weekend (you know - NEW to me!) and it's something I have wanted for ages!!!! But I am also sad as Sydney starts school tomorrow.  My little girl is growing up.....

It is rather fraught in the warehouse today, Ali and Rachie are setting up the Exeter exhibition stand and all I can hear is "Where are we going to put these?", "There is no room for these new ribbons either!"  It would appear that we have so many new ribbons that the exhibition stand can not accomodate them!!  I am keeping my head down and getting on with the orders.

Bev x

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