Crafty's Advent

No Hello wednesday today as we have fired up our NEW Crafty's Advent truck - Fresh NEW delivery of ribbon ideas everyday!!! and no getting stuck in the snow.

We had such a wonderful response to our countdown to Christmas last year that we thought we would do it again with more new ribbon ideas.  Everyday, yes everyday we will come up with a new project or idea to use ribbon this Christmas.  We are kicking off with this... Christmas bunting, oh it is sweet!  Bev has already twisted my arm to make her some for Syd and Sam.

As with all our projects - it is EASY - I promise.

Gather your bits around you, needle and thread, pinking scissors, ruler and pencil, as for the ribbon I used our wide Christmas ribbon in Red and White (HERE) and 15mm red gingham (HERE).

The ribbons I used were both wired edge so I simply removed the wire by pulling it out of the edges. Mark the reverse of your ribbons, I allowed a 6cm gap for each triangle.  Join the marks together to make triangles.

Using pinking scissors cut on the lines.

Fold the gingham ribbon in half and secure with a few stitches, insert the first triangle into the fold and pin in place.  With small running stitches sew the ribbons together.

Repeat with the next triangle.  Continue until you have the length you need.   

I sat in front of the tv the other evening and I made several metres!  You could speed up the process by using a sewing machine.

We still have no snow here, although we have been told it will hit us tomorrow.  Do hope you are all safe and warm - our warehouse is FREEZING!

Thank you all for such delightful comments and emails about Crafty Ribbons service - much appreciated.


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