Daisy Chain Part 2

Before I start with the next batch of goodies from our Ribbon Challenge # 7 - Daisy Chain, I must apologise to Beryl.

Beryl sent in this stunning daisy card and I forget to show it to you yesterday - sorry.  I am going to blame Tony for the oversight, well he was rushing me to go home as he was hungry!!  This card is truly stunning - the daisies have been made using Stitchel stamp, tinted with H2o's and double embossed using extra thick embossing powder and the daisy stamp is from Magenta.  Wow - no you are right, my card making knowledge is not that good.  Beryl put the recipe on the back of the card - thank you Beryl.

What with teddies and now Maragret's fairies I think my location for taking the photos was perfect.  This card is not just a card, but you can insert a photo (9x13cm) into the aperture, to make it really special.  Self adhesive gems have been used to decorate the flower centres.

Margarets second card also has a surprise, lift the Daisy Chain lime ribbon and you can leave a secret note on the message plate - wicked.

Margarets fairy on this card can be removed and used as a bookmark - what a clever idea Margaret.

Marjorie said this has been her favorite challenge (arhh but I know what the next challenge is - I think you will like it even more!!! Tee Hee)

This is Popcorn Bear and you are right Marjorie he is cute.  We do like our teddies, I hand painted a large "Tatty Teddy" on to Mollies Nursery wall above her cot this time last year, he is over a metre high!

Marjorie this decoupage is wonderful, I love the colours.

Natalie sent in this flat card, it has no fold (it would not stand up!!  Behind the card you will find a twig doing all the work!)  The yellow skinny ribbon is just a perfect colour match for the flowers.

This card also from Natalie has a skinny ribbon at the bottom.

Sydney fell in love with this card Natalie, she said it was her eating the lollie!!

Tina mentioned she was going to try and make a tiny daisy from ribbon (she sent me the daisy brooch last time), this one is cute.  I still have not mastered colouring in Tina!

I love this Fairy Tina has used, the card got sprayed with cosmic mist in error, looks excellent to me.

Tina sent in this little note pad, I think I have mentioned I am the "Note Pad Queen" - I only have one or two Tony, honest!!

I have to hide all the yellow cards that arrive, Sdney thinks they are all for her!  So when I saw this delightful card from Tracey and Paul it was quickly removed!!

Tracey and Paul also sent in this card, the flowers have been cut from (I have no idea) but are gorgeous!  Hope you found the ribbon Tracey.

You are right Wilma - your card is "Blooming Lovely"

This little box from Wilma contains a surprise.

Little stamped notelets and matching envelopes, this is just so delicate.

When Wilma saw the Daisy Ribbon it made her think of the song "Daisy Daisy" so she made this delightful Daisy album.

Daisy Dasiy give me your answer do..

I'm half crazy over the love of you!

It wont be a stylish marriage - I can't afford a carriage!

But you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle made for two.  What a treat Wilma - thank you.

A really big thank you for such a talented selection of projects and cards.  I hope you have enjoyed looking at everyones creations, please do leave leave a comment and tell them how great they are.  We ALL love reading your comments and we could not have a challenge without all you talented crafters!!


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