Day 4 - Scent of Christmas

I just adore the aromas of Christmas, cinnamon, apple, spices and have been trying to think of a way I could do this with ribbon. A "Bingo" moment hit me while doing the food shopping yesterday. We were having lunch in the supermarket cafe and they had decorated their Christmas trees with bundles of cinnamon sticks  - oooh I can do that and more......

I filled our trolley with apples and oranges, a tub of bay leaves and some cinamon sticks.  Sadly Tony has got to the stage where he no longer asks what I am up to, and just joins in searching for the new items on our list!

How many doors do you have in your house? Why?  Because you can make these....................

Oooooh they smell divine and just like Christmas.

I have never dried apples and oranges before, but a quick visit to you tube and I had the gist of it.  Slice the fruit and bake in a low oven for a long time. 

I started to make my door hangers this morning, using a big needle and some red and white gingham here, (gingham just shouts christmas) I simply threaded everything onto the ribbon.  The bay leaves can tear very easily so be careful with those.  I love the way the apples have curled.  Thinking about it I could have dried a few limes, next time.

I added a bell at the bottom here, just to get thet sort of jingle bell Christmas is coming sound when the doors are opened effect! I knotted both ends to secure all the goodies in place, then added a few gingham bows to the top and a hanging loop to go over the door handles. The red sugared ball things you can see came from my stash, I got them from Hobbycraft in the sale.  I thought they went perfectly with the red gingham ribbon.

That's it, I am off to make a few more.

Have a fab Sunday.


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