Day 7 - Gingerbread Tags

Christmas would not be complete without at least one gingerbread man or biccy man as Mollie calls them!

I wanted to create a parcel that was a little bit different and full of fun for the children.  What a parcel looks like is not that important to children, they are only after what is inside.  But this one did make Mollie stop in her tracks yesterday.  So much so she had to come and help me photograph it.  She then asked if she could open it, not yet Mollie!

I crushed some red tissue paper into a ball, to create the crinkle effect and used our gingerbread ribbon to make the bow here and also a touch of gingham ribbon here.

For the gingerbread tag I used the same template I used last year for the felt gingerbread men I made.  You can find it here, I just reduced it in size slightly.

I stuck the brown felt to some thin card and cut out the gingerbread man shape.  With a normal needle and thread I sewed around the edge with normal running stitches.  A few red buttons from our Christmas Berry Button Box here and a Bow Tie style bow finished it off.  Just one thing left, to hole punch him and thread the 5mm red gingham ribbon through.  Ummm I had a little problem, I could not bear to put a hole in his was bad enough punching his hand!!!

As there is card on the reverse of the felt, I will have no problem writing my Christmas wishes.

Look someone has followed my tutorial of the Love Cushion here

Catie is 11 and made this totally on her own.  Catie it is fab, did you make it for yourself or as a present?  I love my LOVE cushion so much that I was reluctant to display it on the exhibition stand this season. After a bit of ooohing and aahing I decided to pin it to the top of the back wall of the stand..............that way no one would be able to touch it. Naughty I know, but it normally sits in my spare bedroom.

Well done Catie and I hope this Christmas Advent has given you a few more ideas.

Do you have rain like us in Dorset or snow today?


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