Golden Hours

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We do like playing with our ribbons and coming up with different collections. 

We have a complete shelving unit in the warehouse of ribbons (and now lace) that are not on the website.
It is the part of the warehouse that I try not to pass that often. 
I always feel guilty that these wonderful goodies are just shelf sitters and I have not put them on the website.

Yesterday, Rachie and I had a little play and came up with Golden Hours.

golden hours page

This is a fun collection of mainly ribbons that are NOT on the website.
Three different bags of scrummy ribbons.

All bags contain 10mtrs of ribbons and lace


Sunrise – is a splash of red, orange and yellow


Midday – is an injection of purple and lilacs


Dusk – is a blanket of black, grey and silver

Each bag is only £5.00 (remember there are 10mtrs per bag)


You can buy ALL 3 bags for £10………..that’s 30mts, less then 34p per mtr

You can them HERE

Enjoy our Golden Hours – round the clock ribbons!

Ali x

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