Mobile Friendly

Did you look at our website or blog over the weekend and it looked a bit…….weird!

We have been becoming Mobile Friendly!!


You navigate around the website in the normal way by either pressing the photos or touching the MENU blue bar.

The MENU blue bar will then drop down to give you the main categories.


This will then drop down to give you a further choice.

The blog also has a new layout if viewed on a mobile device.


It just lists everything and you click to view.

HOWEVER if this is not what you are seeing, then all you have to do is refresh your screen. The little half circle arrow at the top of the page, just press it and it should all be fine.
You may have to also refresh your computer screens as the whole site has been recoded.
F5 will work or the little circle arrow at top of browser.

We do still have a few gremlins in the system which we are working on.

Thanks Google for all the extra work, but we can now claim to be Mobile Friendly!



Ali x

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