Hello wednesday - Traditional meets Technology

Don't you just LOVE wednesday's? Say hello to wednesday  "hello wednesday" It's all downhill from now on to the weekend - yippee!!!

I do like mixing things about, some call it "thinking outside of the box", others "just playing" around!

Traditional - Take the art of Ribbon Embroidery - it dates back many hundreds of years.  Flowers embroidered in soft pure silk ribbons would adorn garments and quilts for decoration.

Technology - Take the mobile phone - Tony had one of the first mobiles to arrive in the UK it was like a mini suitcase!!  But now they are slim and fit into your pocket.

What do you get if you put the two together.......................................................

.................something a little bit different?!  Not for those of us that stuff phones in their pockets, but maybe for an "evening" phone cover!

I did embroider three cases, but sadly the purple one went walkabout at the Olympia Exhibition.  How ever I hope it has been given a good home, (it has a large lilac flower and cross stitch leaves), who ever has it I hope you are enjoying it!

Have you given ribbon embroidery a try yet? Want to but not sure where to start?  Then our NEW downloads could be for you.  The Lupin Pot above is called Surface Ribbon Embroidery and can be found here, the Ribbon Roses are also embroidered and can can be found here, the purple one that is missing showed you Ribbon Stitch and can be found here.

Yes we do have the iPhone covers for you to embroider.  They were designed for Cross Stitch and come with 5 embroidery threads, a needle and a booklet of charts. Four colours - Black, Red, Purple and Pink and they can all be found here. (Only suitable for iPhone 4 and 4s).

I have been struggling with my camera compact flash card all morning, hence the lateness of this posting.  So no more photos for today!

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