Weekend of catch up

What a busy weekend we had, fantastic chance to catch up on all those jobs that never seem to get done.

Ever since we blew up our mail server up a few weeks back, we have been experiencing problems.  Some of our wonderful followers have not been receiving emails, they have been bouncing back to us - telling us the email no longer existed.  So over the weekend our IT guys have been moving all of our followers and customers details onto a new system.  It is really quiet exsiting for us, although I am having to learn new software which I hate.

Anyway, did you see our NEW DVD? There are some super projects on there 12 in total, and yes the Tulips on the front cover are made from ribbon!!  We had planned to only shoot 11 projects, but I wore my button necklaces in all the videos (yes you do get to see me, I even do an intro on the DVD) that we decided to show you how to make the necklace.  Do you want to watch it?  If so click the little triangle in the centre of the screen.

What do you think? It has a long way to go to catch up with our Ribbon Carnation video, that has had over 344,000  views on YouTube. Rock on Tommy!! Thanks everyone.

All 12 videos can be downloaded straight from our site HERE, so you do not have to wait for Mr Postie and you can just download the ones that are your "thing". As you can imagine we get asked lots of question on "How to" with ribbon especially at the exhibitions, so this is how the DVD came about.

"How do you tie a bow" is the most asked question - simple if you know, if not then this clip is for you! Bows are here.

Thanks to everyone that left super comments on the blog and also Facebook, it was great to read them all.  So who has won the £25 Friday FREEBIE (Please check Facebook if you liked our page to see if you won there)

Sam did the honours for me today, with that cheeky smile of his!! He picked number..................

Number 45 = Julie Swann
What a fab bunch of ribbons and a perfect way to celebrate spring, Easter and my 50th birthday which was this weekend.  Hope you all have a fab Easter break. xx

Somebody was looking down on you this weekend Julie, you have £25 to spend on our website, any ideas what you will buy?  Please send me an email to craftyribbons@gmail.com to claim your voucher.

What with the email problem and launching the DVD I am rather behind on sharing all the wonderful creations from the challenge.  So sorry for the delay this is a little taster to jog your memories...

Andrea made this delightful Tattie teddy card - adorable Andrea thank you.

More creations tomorrow, I promise.

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