Hello Wednesday - Dino Day

Don't you just LOVE wednesday's? Say hello to wednesday  "hello wednesday" It's all down hill from now on to the weekend - yippee!!!

Dino Day for a little boy - our Sam.  He just loves this T-shirt.  I hung it up in the front office and waited to see who noticed it. Sam was the first, all he kept doing was roaring and saying me!  I think I had a winner.

So off to the park we went to take some photos. Oh I did have some fun!

The t-shirt was just plain white, another bargain at 2 for £1.50.  I had the green fabric in my stash, so I ironed on a sheet of double sided bondaweb to it and drew the dino shape.  I cut the shape out and removed most of the bondaweb backing paper, just leaving a 1cm strip along the Dinosaurs back, this is where the ribbon slides in. 


I positioned this onto the t - shirt and ironed the dinosaur in place, once it had cooled I removed the remaining paper from the back spine and started making the ribbon spikes.

I found grosgrain ribbon was the best for this, it produced a nice shape you can find some HERE.  I tried with satin but it keep sliding, so I thought it would be a nightmare to sew.

Folding the ribbon is easy.

You can use different widths, this one is 25mm.  Hold the ribbon between your fingers, with the wrong side of the ribbon facing you.

Fold the ribbon in  your right hand downwards to create a right angle.  The ribbon should have a long straight fold at the top.

Next fold the ribbon in your right hand, so that it now sits on the ribbon in your left hand.  It will have created a triangle point.  You are looking at the BACK of the ribbon point.

Turn the ribbon the correct way round to see the full effect, a nice smooth triangle.  You can iron this if you wish, but I wanted mine to be more free and to stand proud on the t-shirt.

I made the triangles one at a time, then slid them under the green fabric of the Dino and pinned in place.  I repeated this simple process until his back was covered in spikes.

Place a cloth on top of the Dinosaur and gently iron it, try not to move the iron around too much, you may move the spikes.  You just want the remainding bondaweb to adhere to the ribbon.

To make sure it would all remain in place I hand stitched around the Dino shape with 3 strands of embroidery thread.  A small doll button for his eye and he is finished.

This all may sound long winded but in all it took less then an hour. Sam is so chuffed with his t-shirt, he adores his Dino.

Enjoy your Dino Day.


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