Hello wednesday - Glittered heart

Don't you just LOVE wednesday's? Say hello to wednesday  "hello wednesday" It's all downhill from now on to the weekend - yippee!!!

Ooooh this is very unlike me, but another card for you today.  For someone that claims she can not make cards for toffee I have made quiet a few lately. 

To be honest it is about the only thing my thumb will allow me to do!  Hence why they are all so very simple.  This card is really, really, really simple.


Did you know we sold glittered heart buttons? Any colour you like? No, not really but I can tell you how easy they are to glitter. 

I used one of the large pink buttons from our Hearth, Hearts, Hearts button boxes here

As I wanted to use red glitter for my heart I simply coloured the button using a red permanent marker pen (Sssssshh it was the one Rachie hides for writing the City Link bags!).  To save my fingers from getting covered in red ink, I popped it onto a wooden kebab stick, I just poked it through one of the button holes.  This held it really firmly.

Once the ink was dry I sprayed it with adhesive and covered it with red glitter, shook off the excess glitter and voila one glitter button.  Perfect for my "says it all card". If anyone would like to use my idea you can find the artwork here.

If everything has gone to plan then Tony and I should be in France and heading to Paris. Wish us luck.


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