Packing our van and off we go....

Hello all, how are you coping with the cold weather?  We have been lucky here in Dorset only a little bit of snow, it has all gone.  But boy is it cold!!  I hope the girls have remembered to wear extra clothing today to work.  We are loading the van with the exhibition stand for Paris, which means our big roller door will be open for some considerable time................and it will be freezing!!! 

The girls have been busy for weeks getting the stand ready for us, thousands of metres of ribbon have been cut and packaged.  They have had a total re-think on our "cut your own" ribbon unit - it looks amazing - photo below.  The display on the front of the stand has also been completely relaid and is somewhat breathtaking with all the NEW Ribbons.  Bev has put a lot more time into the stand then normal, she is the Gok wan of the ribbon display.  New ribbon canvasses arrived last week as well as our new leaflet. 

"A little story about our new leaflets.  I showed them to Sydney on Friday and she was intrigued about the little square twiddly pictures on them.  Oh they are magic I told Syd, look at this.  I got my phone out and scanned the square and up popped our website on my phone.  Mummy look what Ali can do.  I gather from Bev that Syd has been zapping our leaflet hundreds of times over the weekend, she is transfixed with it!!!  You are not alone Syd I was too when I first saw them."

So a fresh new stand for a very fresh new year.  We hope some of you will be able to visit us this season.  This week 9 - 12 Aiguille en Fete - Paris, March 8 -11 Hobbycrafts - Glasgow, SECC and 15 - 18 Stitch & Craft 2011 - Olympia, London.  Lots and lots of new ribbons that are not on the website yet, so be the first to see them.

Well I have stayed warm for too long I think it must be time to help load the van.

I hope you all have a fantastic week and I will be back in the warehouse on Valentines day.


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