Should have closed for the day.....

.......we have been trying to work around a group of electricians and it has been a nightmare.  Either we have been in their way or they were where we wanted to be!!  In hindsight it would have been best if we had closed for the day, but as we are leaving for Paris tomorrow, it was all hands to the pumps.

The electricians have been installing banks of electric plugs, I have lost count of the number of boxes they have opened.  As part of our near fire a few weks ago we had a visit from our local fire officer.  Very nice man BUT he made some suggestions to Tony and myself about our warehouse unit and how to reduce the risk of fire.  We we were happy to comply, hence the team of electricians.  All our computers printers, kettles....well everything electric now has it's own dedicated plug socket.  Not one extension lead left in the building.  Tony reckons he will be attending the next car boot sale in Blandford selling off all the redundant extension leads!

I only saw Mollie today so she picked our Friday FREEBIE winner for me.

Number 45 is the winner of our £20 voucher and is........

Do you have snow now? I bet Mollie is having a whale of a time if you have!!
Just been having a look on the challenge blog. Some awesome creations on there.
Love these new wordy ribbons. Can't wait to see what you have planned for Easter.
LyndA x

Congratulations, all you have to do to claim the voucher is to email us at and we will send you the details.

Many thanks to everyone that left super comments, we had a little snow on Saturday but we woke up on Sunday morning to nothing - all gone!

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