Hello wednesday - egg hats

Don't you just LOVE wednesday's? Say hello to wednesday  "hello wednesday" It's all downhill from now on to the weekend - yippee!!!

I have been having some fun this week, the stress and strain of the last few months has melted away.  What do you think of my latest kitchen accessories?

Fit for a Queen! I know you hate me saying this but they were really easy.  I drew the hat shape onto card, making sure it wrapped around the egg cup, and cut out four pieces (two for each egg cup).  I hand stitched the soldiers ribbon (yes it is NEW!) to the base of the egg hats, not all the way to the bottom, as you can see better on the red hat.  Then I used opposite thread to hand stitch around the hats, and added a small crown ribbon tag (yes also New) to the top of each hat.  That was it.

Do you like the new ribbons?

I have more designs......................Do you want to see them?

You can find them all in our new ribbon section Best of British here.

I went all gooooey when I found this small Union Jack teapot, but decided I had enough props.  Well...........................we were on the ferry on our way back from spending Christmas in France, not a very nice crossing - force 9.  We were all lying on our bunks, (some of us feeling a little unwell), except Mollie who had opened every cupboard door, looked in every corner of the cabin with interest and was finally sat on the floor colouring. "Ummmmm I did like that teapot."    Ten minutes passed or so "the teapot would be great for some Jubilee ribbons............."  In the end Rachie and Tony both got up from their bunks at the same time........."where are you two going? .  To get you that damn TEAPOT!!!  Thanks guys, it does look good in the photo.

Do you have any Jubilee celebrations planned?  Janet our local blog reader is doing oodles of things.  She saw this soldier ribbon on Monday and said she would be back for some.

Have a great day everyone.


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