Didn't he do well

Tony did really well to step in on Friday.  To be honest I had forgotten that Friday was Friday I had been so busy.  My secret project should have finished on Thursday evening, but as it happened it was not until late Friday everything was completed. 

So when Tony finally managed to nab me at about quarter to 10 on Friday morning and ask about the Friday FREEBIE, ....................ooooooh pooo's, please write it for me.

Things have been much quieter today and I even managed to get some photography work done.  Mollie came to visit me after school to pick our Friday FREEBIE winner.

She was in a rather mischievious mood................would not stand still for the photo..................but I am a pro auntie and popped her into the 40mm ribbon roll bin - she found this very funny.  (I promise no child was hurt taking this photo!)

Mollie picked number 31 = Charlie
I've just placed my first order with you as I have small people who need ribbons (and I do too!). Hope I'm lucky as a friend has just had her first baby and I'd love to treat her.


Charlie your little people are going to have some ribbons to play with, please email your address to craftyribbons@gmail.com.

Thank you to everyone that left us a comment (I see Henry our spam filter is still very active - sorry).  It was really good to read all your wonderful comments regarding this range of the baby ribbons.  I  had so much fun designing it, the print qualilty is amazing.

Enjoy your evening.


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