It's here!

It's here, our ribbon delivery!!!  Well most of it.

Eight huge boxes, so heavy that you struggle to lift them, made it half way across the world - together. 

Eight boxes passed through customs - together.

Eight boxes made it to the Southampton Hub - together.


Only seven boxes were deliveried to Dorset, can anyone tell me why? Southampton to Blandford, at the most 50 miles and 1 box gets lost.  So if anyone see's a sad, lonely, lost box on the side of the M3 making it's way to Blandford can you please stop and give it a lift.  Don't open it though, as it contains "Rainbows" and I do not want any to escape!!

The really good news is the Mystery ribbons for the new challenge were NOT in the lost box, so they are being posted out today.  I must go, as I have lots and lots of new ribbons to play with....

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