Last Fizz

Wow what a busy week we have had.  We had a huge ribbon roll consignment a while back, but had no time or space to put it away.  We pushed it to the back of the warehouse hoping the little craft fairies would deal with it for us.  Sadly no fairies arrived, so this week battling with the heat ( our warehouse is like a freezer in the winter and a hotbox in the summer), we started sorting out the delivery.  Several of the "new" girls had never seen so many patterned ribbons, and all on small rolls.  The ribbon rolls now have a new home and are neatly stacked in an aisle all of their own.  All we have to do is wait for the fairies to put the consignment on our website!! 

We have also started production of our value bags . As the name suggests these are bags of colour themed ribbons that are great value - 18mtrs of ribbon for £3.00 or 3 different value bags for £5.00.  We only manufacture these bags in the summer, and we had run out of several colours.  Vicky and Sue have been selecting, measuring, cutting and packing this week, we are pleased to say the BLACK VALUE BAG is back in stock!  What colour will they choose next week?!

We have received Tina's Summer Fizz goodies, she had been unwell hence the delay - but they have certainly been worth the wait. 

I received my own card

isn't it fantastic and just for meeeeeee!

Also two super cards, I love the ribbon tags on the side of the card above - great idea.

What do you think of this cool idea, Tina has decorated a can.....

........and look at the top, it's a flower that matches the ribbon.

Thank you Tina they are all amazing, we do hope you are feeling better and ready for the next challenge?!

Next week is going to be just as busy - we have our first "Christmas Ribbon" delivery due, Bev has a secret idea she has been working on and........ I could go on and on, BUT I must go home!

Have a great weekend.


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