Ribbon Challenge # 7


I have been on a personal search for a "girlie" camera bag.  Can I find one..... NO.  I have searched everywhere and driven Tony crazy about it.  All camera bags seem to take on the Henry Ford principle of "Any colour, as long as it is BLACK". Camera and me go everywhere together, but I just hated the black, macho, triangle bag thing with odd shape pockets on the outside.  I searched the internet and thought I found just the thing in soft shades of pink, I was so excited.  It was delivered Friday - as well as special compartments for my camera and several lenses, I could have packed a 5 man tent, all the camping equipment and I am sure I could have squeezed in the food as well.  It was huge!!!

Make your own Tony suggests, I can't, I need special padding for my camera.  Take your black one apart and sew it into another bag........ OH he got me thinking.  I now have a super kipling girlie camera bag, that fits on my back or over the shoulder, my camera is safe and secure.  I have extra space for my bits, keys, money and it is a delightful shade of raspberry. Thanks Tony, to celebrate I bought him afternoon tea at the local fete where they were dancing around a May Pole with ribbons!!

Less waffle and on to the Ribbon Challenge # 7 "Daisy Chain"

I know I say this everytime BUT I love these ribbons!  I made a card and decorated a note book as a thank you for a friend a couple of weeks back - she also loved it!

"Daisy Chain" Ribbons come in several different colours, they have delicate printed sheer centres and scalloped edges.  We will also send some skinny ribbons that I used to make the two Daisies. I couldn't believe it when Tina sent in her goodies for the last challenge, she had also made a ribbon flower, but hers was a brooch.

We have 10 free bundles of ribbons to give away, each bundle will contain lengths of the new ribbons (NOT on the website - yet!).  All we ask in return for these ribbons are two cards or projects that include Daisies!  The ribbons can be used to enhance all forms of card making, projects or ATC's.

If you are up to the challenge, then send us an email to info@craftyribbons.com marked RIBBON CHALLENGE # 7!  The first 10 to reply will be sent an email requesting address details so we can send your free ribbons!!  Your finished cards will be posted onto our blog.

I am now off to the beach with my new camera bag, to take a walk and maybe a picture or two. 

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