Line dancing

These little guys are a "MUST HAVE" at Christmas.  Don't they look good all lined up with their little dickie bows dancing in the breeze!

Ooooh - gingerbread and red gingham ribbon were made for each other!

I confess I did not make these, but I had great fun dressing them up with the ribbon and the icing.  The little ribbon dickie bows only take a few minutes to make and make the men look sooooo good..

You need scissors, 25mm and 5mm red ribbon which can be found HERE, thread and a needle.  Cut the 25mm gingham into lengths of 9cms.

Fold the ribbon ends towards the centre so they overlap slightly.  With needle and thread, (I used green thread so you can see my stitches) sew small running stitches across the overlap.

Just a few stitches are required.

Gather the stitches up as tightly as they will go and secure with a few extra stitches.

Wrap 5mm gingham under the dickie bow and tie the first stage of a knot.

Pull the ribbon so that it fits securely around the bow and finish tying the knot.  Tug the ribbon ends so they sit behind the back of the bow and cut the ribbon ends with scissors.

Because I cheated, and got the famous bakers of Mr Marks and Mr Spencer to bake my gingerbread men, they had no hanging hole to thread the ribbon loop through, boo hoo.  But that was easliy sorted with a wet cocktail stick!  Just dip the cockatil stick in some water and place on the gingerbread man where you want the hole to be.  Gently press down, slightly twisting it, re damp the stick if needs be.  Don't push down too hard, gently does it and a hole will appear.

Thread 5mm gingham through the hole and tie a knot at the end of the loop.  I jazzed mine up a little bit more by adding white icing for their eyes and buttons.

So whether you bake your own gingerbread men or cheat like me, make them extra special by adding Red and White gingham dickie bows and hanging loops.  

I promise you, no one will be able to resist these little guys!!!

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