Ribbon Cupcake Week - Chocolate Swirl (added photos)


Everyday this week we are going to tempt your taste buds with a different Ribbon Cupcake. 

Monday's is this mouthwatering Chocolate Swirl.

Look at the delicate folds of chocolate ribbon icing........yummy.

Topped with shavings of white chocolate.


* Polystyrene ball approx 6cm diameter
* Glass headed pins
* 9mm Chocolate ribbon HERE about 2mtrs
(note to chef - you can use any flavour ribbon from here)
*10mm white chocolate sheer here
*10mm marshmallow dots here
*Cup cake cases


1.  Place your ball into the cupcake base and draw a fine line on the ball.

(Note: Photos added after posting as a request from readers - I did not have a round ball in the warehouse,
so I cut an egg shape one in half! Worked great)

  Pin the chocolate ribbon below this line to secure. (For this half egg shape I secured it underneath).

  Twist the ribbon so the dots are facing upwards and secure with a pin so it sits just
covering the pencil line. (For this egg shape, the first line sits on the cut edge)

.  Twist the ribbon again and pin in place.  Using matching pins.

5.  Continue all the way round the ball, starting to pin the next layer on top of the first.
Just like you would with normal icing.

6. With the second layer and above, twist the ribbon twice and only pin on the second twist. Continue to 1cm from the top.

7.  Cut the white chocolate and marshmallow ribbon into 2 pieces of 10cms (4 ribbons in total)
8.  Place the white ribbons on top of the cake, in a star shape and pin in place,

(Holding them together tightly at the top like a fountain with a pin)

9.  Continue icing the chocolate ribbon right to the top, squeezing the white ribbons in place, cut ribbon and secure end.

10.  Cut each of the white ribbons into 3 and fan out, cut them shorter if needs be.

One calorie free cupcake!

Would anyone like to win a FREE collection of chocolate ribbons?

Fancy getting your ribbon piping bag out!
Leave a comment and we will pick TWO winners on Tuesday morning.

Ummm what flavour for tomorrow? 

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