Ribbon Cupcake Week - Lemon & Lime Drizzle


Tuesdays cupcake is soft and delicate, but the flavours will explode..

Lemon and Lime Drizzle Cupcake

Look at the freshness of the colours - have you got the slight zing of the lime?

Will you be able to eat the flower.....or put to one side to admire?


* Polystyrene ball approx 6cm diameter
(I have used a egg shape cut in half)
* Glass headed pins
* 10mm Lemon Grosgrain HERE about 2.60mtrs
(note to chef - you can use any flavour ribbon from here)
*6mm Lime Grosgrain here 35cm
*1 Lime Button here
*Cup cake cases


1.  Pin the 6mm Lime ribbon onto the ball, take ribbon across the top of the ball

2. Secure on the other side.

3.  Section the ball into quarters with the lime ribbon.

4.  Section the ball again using the 10mm lemon ribbon.

5. Continue covering the ball with the lemon ribbon, overlapping if needs be.

6.  Once ball is covered with ribbon, add a few lime pins.

7.  Place a pin in one of the holes in the button.

8. Cut 4 pieces of 14cms of 10mm lemon ribbon and pass the centre through
the pin to create a star shape of ribbon.

9.  Fold up one cut edge of ribbon at a time and attach to the pin.

10. Once all ribbon ends have been attached to the pin, you have your flower head.

11.  Place the flower head onto the top of the cupcake, and add 3 extra pins.

One yummie Lemon and lime drizzle cupcake.

Would anyone like to win a FREE collection of lemon & lime ribbons?

That's right we have FREE Ribbons today as well!
Leave a comment and we will pick TWO winners on Wednesday morning.
(THREE winners if we get over 50 comments, tell your friends, facebook, tweet about our
Fantastic Ribbon Cupcakes! - all this week.)

The TWO winners of yesterday Chocolate ribbons are.......

Number 1 = Jan
absolutly scrummy!

Number 24 = Angela
What a great idea! I will have to have a go.carry on with the new inspirations!

WOW! I did not expect as many comments as yesterday - thank you.  Please can Jan and Angela send address details to craftyribbons@gmail.com.

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