Lots to catch up on

Ooooh…………… I knew I had been rather quiet on here, but I did not realise I had been away for so long.

Lets call it writers block! Hopefully you will forgive me.

Have you seen our New ribbons?

cat header

This collection is called Colour your Days

It had not been in the warehouse 24hours and I had started to use it!


The pencils were perfect to edge my new Planners “what not”, you know the “thingy” that holds your pens and pencils.


Days of the week added to the zipper, not a fan of Mondays so I chose Tuesday to start my week.  My stickers are hidden inside the zipped pocket. I am just a big kid – stickers, pens and pencils Smile


I replaced the boring satin ribbon that came with the planner with the Days of the week Ribbon.  Perfect, happy bunny Bunny

Colour your Days ribbon is here

We also have……..

by the sea cat

Ok, Ok, I know we live not far from the sea, and I should have designed this range ages ago….

light hose

We do visit Portland Bill……….often!

sea gulls

and we have rather a lot of these…..

You can find By the Sea here

Have you checked out our Inspiration blog lately?

pure inspiration blog

Our Design Team are posting lots of Ribbon Inspiration, always something fresh to read.

Or see what we are up to on Facebook

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Phew! I think you are all up to date.

Hope you stay warm and safe with this bad weather approaching.

Ali x

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