Nice and early

Thought I would post nice and early today, Tony has gone to collect the van and check that everything is ok with it, we leave on the night boat for France.  I have everything crossed and I do mean everything, the last ferry we took to France at Christmas we were unable to dock due to high winds.  We bobbed, wobbled, rocked, pitched and dived along the Brittany coast line for hours - 19 hours on a cross channel ferry!!! Not something I can recommend, both Tony and I felt so washed out but relieved when we finally got off.

I received an email yesterday from Lucy asking me to send "A big blogging thank you" for all the wonderful comments, help and information that the Crafty Ribboners have provided over the weekend.  She has been overwhelmed by the response and would like to thank everyone all at once.

We have a lot to do today - my to do list is so long I should have written it on a roll of wallpaper. Also Florence the girl that helps us in France has asked me to go to TESCO's to pick up a few "English Treats" for her, I am sure our "Sweet Treats" would be better for her.

This ice cream cone looks so real Claire, I love the way you have created the ice cream - awesome.

This wall hanger is wicked, the stamped cupcake is delightful and will take pride of place on the exhibtion stand tomorrow, hanging just above our demo table.  As you all know my French is awful, but I am picking up some words and stamp (as in cupcake stamp) is one that sticks in my mind - tampon!

You set me a challenge here Claire, how to photograph ear rings.  Your image is so small.

Amazing Claire, brain buzzing how can I display them on the stand without them growing legs?

You finally managed to persuade Samantha to let you send me the card then Gail - cupcakes galore.  No wonder Samantha wanted to keep it.  Please tell her it will be in France tomorrow being admired by stylish Parisian ladies who also love cupcakes!

Samantha made this one all by herself.  Wicked Samantha, thank you.  Tony has a special little French girl that always comes to visit him, without fail she brings him a little crafty creation.  She was very taken by our Hello Kitty ribbon in November and came back onto the stand four times to buy different colours.  We have some NEW ones Louise.

Must get on, loads of things to do and a ferry to catch!

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