Ribbons arrived....

....sorry for the delay in this post Our first shipment of EXCLUSIVE ribbons arrived today - yippee!!

We have all been busy trying to despatch all the pre orders, so you can get your hands on the ribbons first.  We didn't quite make it....boo hooo....sorry, but the balance will leave tomorrow.

You have not seen these two for a little while, they came in to say "Hi" and "are you coming home mummy?".  So I did not miss the opportunity to get them to do the honours with the "Bingo" bag.  The winners of this weeks Friday FREEBIE are numbers....

Sydney picked Number 1 = Marilyn
Awww.....how could you!! Another g o r g e o u s Christmas ribbon! How can my budget stretch any more!!! Hope I win now to save me having to live on bread and water for a month!!Love the Christmas trees and have bought the snowmen...so....trees please!! Fingers are crossing now!! Have a lovely weekend all of you x

Sam picked number 26 = Dee W
The temptation to buy yet more ribbons is growing daily so I`d just love to win a bundle of New England Christmas ribbons.
Best wishes to everyone.
Love Dee W

Christmas ribbons for Marilyn and Dee, will you stick with your friday choice or have they changed over the weekend?  Please send me an email to craftyribbons@gmail.com with your address and some stunning ribbons will be coming your way.

Must go I have a very hungry husband, not sure what he is going to cook me....Oh no I can not cook I have NEW ribbons to play with.

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