Embossed Velvets

If you want something really different and unique this Christmas then have a look at what arrived yesterday.....

...these are totally wicked.  Naughty but very nice. 

22mm velvet dyed to our own scrummy colours of -

Santa Red....just how you would expect Santa's outfit to be, a true Christmas red.
Star Dust....use your imagination, twinkling stars and capture that pinkieness...got it?
Winter Sky....it is just about to snow, the sky has gone a warm shade of blue, not dark and cold but winter blue.
Berrylicous....all those winter berries thrown into a pot and squished together, darker than red, cranberryish.
Plum Pudding....ours is not filled with too much fruit, but a flavoured mouthwatering purple.
Mistletoe....the young fresh shoots, the light green ones almost lime.

You have all the wonderful colours pictured in your mind, well we went one step further....
we embossed HAPPY CHRISTMAS into the pile of the velvet
a little star separates the words.

We have had a 20cm piece of this ribbon - that's all, talk about a kiddies taggy blanket, our sample is the most stroked ribbon in the warehouse!
Oh I wish someone would invent a touchy feelie website, you have to feel this velvet, it is awesome, just awesome.

I seem to have already lost a roll of Berrylicous and Mistletoe, ummmm Bev and Rachie!?
This is not like me, but I can hardly bear to tell you where to find it on the website,
I want to keep it all...........O.K. if you NEED to know it is here

Oh boy this ribbon is out of this world!

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