Selection Boxes

It's one of those weeks!  What ever job I start it either takes me for ever or I get called away and never get round to finishing it.  I have been wanting to put the final goodies from Ribbon Challenge 8 on the blog for ages, but I just kept running out of time - sorry.  So without anymore waffle here are the stunning decorated selection boxes that our challenges created.



Carol C

Carol F






Marjorie (have a great holiday, and stop thinking of ribbon!!!!!)


Tracey & Paul

We took all of these boxes to the Exeter Show and we had some really wonderful comments about them.  They are just amazing and works of art, if you are coming to a show this Autumn try and stop by and have a look at them.

Not quite sure how but I overlooked some of the cards that were made for this challenge, sorry 'human' (Ali) error!!

This cheeky card was made by Amanda, sorry I overlooked it.  I think I got so excited about the hanging decoration you also made.

Carol F sent in this little booklet, all tied up with ribbon!

The inside has little pockets!

Carol also sent in this delightful Christmas puppy, who could resist him.

I also overlooked Wilma's Happy Christmas couple, sorry.  Don't they just look stunning.

Sadly we still have  parcels that have gone astray, when or if they turn up, I promise to show you all.

I have that funny feeling again, it must be the thought of a new challenge!!

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