Sister T shirts

Morning all, weather still fab here in Dorset.

I have gone and got myself one of those fancy ergo dynamic what not keyboard and mouse.

What a laugh – I was never taught to type at school, I opted to take Physics instead!!
Not sure Physics has really helped me in daily life, but some typing skills would come in handy.
Any way this new keyboard is split into two section, well 3 if you include the number pad.
The keys are all in the same place, but for some reason I can not find them.
So please excuse any typos while I get used to it!

It was really the mouse I wanted, I have a lot of mouse work to do in the next few weeks, and my poorly thumb is already complaining.

Look what was in my inbox yesterday.

Ribbon T-shirts for Girls, June 2014 003

Fabby fun T shirts made from……….

bevs ribbon bag bursting with spring party ribbons

Lin used the ribbons from the Sisters Bev’s bag to add decoration to simple white T shirts.
I love the edged sleeves and the large button.
I think these are a such fun Lin, thank you for sharing them with me Lin and allowing me to share them with others.

We always love to see what you create with our ribbons and buttons.
My email is maybe I will have a few more pleasant emails this week.


free pp on uk orders long

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