Spooky Ghosts.....

I found a ghost in my garden

Oooooh no lots of little ghosts......

I dread to know what my neighbours think of me!!

Do you remember I told you last week I had a crafting session planned with Sydney. Well.........I had two little crafters that also wanted to join in.  As soon as Syd and I started to climb the stairs to my craft room we heard "me too, me too", and Mollie and Sam came running to join in. Three of them in my craft room, with all my studio lights arrrgh.  I tried to ask Syd if we could all craft downstairs on the canteen table, "Ali you promised me we could craft in your room".  So one at a time I took them upstairs (the stairs to my craft room are filled with crafty bits that need to find their way upstairs, so there is only a very narrow passage to walk up).  I have a big long kitchen style work top underneath a window, so I pulled up my chair for Syd, a stool for Mollie and Sam wanted the step ladders (don't ask!).

We are going to make ghosts, "I don't like ghosts" Sam said! You will like these Sam you can eat them.  So here is a little tutorial for the children of our ribbon world.

You will need a square tissue (3 ply) a lollipop, white ribbon, glue and googly eyes.

Seperate the three layers of the tissue, all my three little crafters had no problem with this, although one was a little rough and tore his!

Place each layer of the tissue on the table to form a star shape.


Place the lollipop in the centre.

Pick up the tissue so the lollipop is covered. 


Scrunch the ribbon around the base of the lollipop.


Tie white 3mm satin ribbon (here) around the neck.  (Syd wanted hers tied in a bow!)

Put the googly eyes on and you have one finished spoooky ghost!

This is a perfect project for half term, Mollie will be 3 in November and she managed to make her own ghost.  The guys used a felt tip pen to draw a mouth on each of their ghosts.  What do you think of their creations?





P.S.  That is our Mollie on the left, it was Hero's Day at school and she went dressed as a princess - only problem was she loved having hair so much she refused to take the wig off!!!

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