Summer Bunting week - No sew

Welcome to our Summer Bunting week - shame it is raining in Dorset!

We have all sorts of bunting this week, no sew, sew, small and large.  A few surprises, some super photos and tutorials.
If that was not all we also have FREEBIES, so do not forget to check in everyday to see what we have created. 
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  • Co-ordinating card or thickish paper
  • pen or pencil
  • hole punch
  • weights
  • cutting mat
  • pin
  • scissors
  • ribbon - we used 10mm gingham here

1. Make yourself a triangle template.  Print or copy the template below.

This is a multi use template, you can cut it horizontally to create any size bunting you want - magic!

2.  Cut out a selection of paper flags.

3. Using a hole punch, punch a hole at each end.

4.  Thread the gingham ribbon through the first paper flag and secure with a knot.

5.  Thread ribbon through the hole on the other side of this flag and through a new paper flag.
Place a weight onto each flag, this will help with tying the bow.
I used the spacing on my cutting mat to keep the distance of the flags even.

6.  Fold the ribbon over to start making a bow.

7.  You may find it easier to place a pin into the knot of the ribbon and into the cutting mat.
It just means that the knot remains tight while you tie the bow.

8.  Fold the ribbon to create a loop and hold with your index finger and your thumb.

9.  Wrap the other end of the ribbon over the loop, and hold with your thumb.

10. Remove your index finger and tuck the ribbon up through the hole to create a second loop.

11. Pull the ribbons tight, the secret about bow making is having a tight central knot.
Do not worry about the shape too much, we will sort that out next.

12.  Play around with the bow, making sure the loops are the same size, keeping the centre knot tight.
 Trim the ends and remove the pin.

13. Join the next paper flag to the other side in the same way.
Continue until all the paper flags are conected.. Repeat step 4 for the last flag.

14. Looking good.

If you do not have the time to tie a bow between the flags, then just thread the flags onto one long piece of ribbon.
Have a play with different papers, you could use newspapers or maps for themed parties.

 Our events would not be the same without a few FREEBIES!

What colour gingham ribbon would you use for your bunting?
Check out the colours here and leave us a comment.

We have five 20mtr rolls of 10mm gingham up for grabs,
so 1 roll to five winners.

We will pick the winners next Monday, so plenty of time.
Remember to refresh your screen after leaving a comment,
to ensure it has not been eaten.  Any problems email it to us

Hope you enjoyed today's paper bunting - what's in store for tomorrow?

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