Summer Bunting week - traditional

Honest this set of bunting was made using 3 tea towels and is made in the traditional way. 
I have a "thing" about crafting with tea towels, read my past posts here.

I am always on the look out for packs of 3 tea towels, this set cost me £2.99, I have
a whole stack of such waiting to be turned into something special!

I used the wicked red Bias Binding with white polka dots here, if you are making any bunting that
requires sewing then Bias Binding here is a MUST! 


  • 3 co-ordinating tea towels (or fabric!)
  • pen or pencil
  • pins
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • matching sewing thread
  • bias binding  - I used this one here, but we have more here

1. Cut off the seams that run around the edge of each tea towel, and throw them away.

2.  Fold each tea towel with right sides facing each other in half, then half again and iron the folds flat.

3.  Cut along the folds, do not separate the layers.  This will give you 4 strips per tea towel.

4.  Use the bunting template from yesterday, mark out the triangles onto the fabric,
turning the template to create triangles as shown. 
My tea towel strips were just over 15cms in height, so I cut the template down slightly.

5.  Keeping all four layers of fabric together, cut out the triangles. 
Repeat with the other two tea towel strips.

6.  Pin two triangles together, with right sides facing each other.

7.  Sew around each triangle about 5mm from the raw edge.

8. Trim away the excess fabric at the tip of each flag triangle.

9. Turn each triangle through to the right side and iron flat.

10. Trim away the top edges to make them straight.

11.  Sort the bunting out into the order you wish them to hang.
Pre stacking them is much easier when machining them to the bias binding

12. I fold my bias in half as I machine, using my fingers to crease the fold.
But you can fold and iron the bias before you use it. 
Machine about 30cms of folded bias before you attach your first flag,
this allows you something to tie the finished bunting to!

13. Slip the first triangle flag into the fold of the bias binding.

14.  If you are not confident to hold the flag and the bias while machining, then pin in place.

15. Sew the bias to the triangle flag. 
Continue sewing all the flags to the bias binding leaving a small gap in between each flag.

16.  Repeat step 12 once all the triangles have been sewn together.

Traditional bunting was not that scary was it?  Remember you can use this method with any fabric,
not just tea towels!

So many of you joined in yesterday with the gingham FREEBIES that we have this for your today.....

What colour dotty bias binding would you like to make bunting with?
Check out the colours here and leave us a comment.

We have five 5mtr bundles of any bias binding up for grabs,
so  five winners.

We will pick the winners next Monday Tuesday (ooops guess who forgot it was a Bank Holiday weekend durrrrr!)
Remember to refresh your screen after leaving a comment,
to ensure it has not been eaten. Any problems email it to us

Oooh I have so enjoyed making all this bunting, any ideas what I have for tomorrow?
Will pop back later with the winner of our Friday FREEBIE, just need the little ones to help.


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