A little girls whisper

Hello everyone and good morning.
I do hope you had a fab long weekend – I did.
You all guessed it was my birthday, thank you for your wonderful messages.
I was totally spoilt!

Tony made me this…….


A Sicilian lemon Cheesecake – it was totally delish.
All gone.

I would like to tell you all a little story………..
A few weeks back I had dental surgery, it was really painful and I felt very unwell.
Little Mollie heard about this and brought me her Disney Frozen DVD to watch……
……”It will make you feel better Ali”.

I watched the DVD and to be honest to was a lovely story.
I am sure most of you will have seen it.

Mollie collected the DVD the next day after school.
I think she felt sorry for me, she climbed on the sofa and gave me a big cuddle.
(oooooh…….mind my mouth!)

Rachie went off to make herself a cup of tea and Mollie started to whisper……
…..Mollie why are you whispering?……
…..”Because Mummy said I am not to talk to you, but whispering is not the same as talking.  Is it Ali?”

the whisper went along these lines…………..

”Elsa’s dress is very pretty, mummy can not buy me one they are all sold out.
Elsa’s dress is very special, I am very special Ali.
I would look very pretty in Elsa’s dress, it sparkles.
It has a very long cape Ali, with snowflakes
Ali will you make me Elsa’s dress, please I would really love it.”

Oh boy, I was not expecting that.


I gather Rachie had told her she was NOT allowed to talk to me about making the dress, hence the whisper.
Clever little girl.
Pop back tomorrow to see how I got on…..

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