Hello wednesday–Elsa’s dress part two


Happy wednesday everyone.

say helo to wednesday 405 
So you think Mollie sweet talked me into making her dress.
Well you would be right.

She sooooo wanted an Elsa dress, that I said yes.

The key to the dress was the bodice, and to me that was the easy bit!


It looked just like ribbon weaving – well sort of……
…..and the only ribbon to use would be “BLING” here
I used Silver and Tropic colours

Mollie came round to be measured, she was so excited she would not stay still.
Every time I put the tape measure around her, she would look down to see what I was doing.
I had to explain that this would effect the size of the dress and it would not fit her.
She was a perfect model after that.

(sorry about the dots on my ironing board)

1.  I cut a piece of iron on Vilene that was big enough to go around Mollie’s chest and shaped it
to a V at the front.  I placed it onto my ironing board.

2.  I cut stripes of the Bling ribbon to cover the Vilene.
The bling is a velvet ribbon – which meant that I would not be able to iron on the velvet surface.
So I pinned the Bling ribbon shiny side facing down onto the ironing board.

3.  Once the Vilene was covered with ribbon I removed it.  I had only needed it for size at this stage.

4. I cut long strips of the silver bling and wove them under and over the tropic ribbons.
Pinning at both ends of the ribbon.

5.  Just kept going – weaving under and over and pinning.  Trying to keep the ribbons straight and close together.

6. Once all the weaving was complete, I pinned all the ends. I placed the iron on Vilene on top of the ribbons, with the sticky side facing downwards.
Without steam I ironed the Vilene by placing the iron onto the ribbons, then lifted the iron and repositioned.
If you wiggle the iron around you will wiggle the ribbons and then they will move.

7.  I removed all the pins, and turned it over – yikes will it have worked!

8.  Yes it did.

9.  I then pinned the bodice onto the dress fabric and sewed the two together.
Next I turned it the right way round…………


Tah dah!

One completed sparkly bodice for Elsa’s Dress.
Mollie by now was getting really excited.

Pop back tomorrow for the next stage.

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