Catch Up

I have spent the day catching up!  May is not a good month for me, it is amazing how an event 25 years ago can still have a huge impact on your life.  I can see the faint light of June ahead, so starting to feel better.

We have today added 10 fresh and fun colours to our eyelash collection.  These NEW colours are NOT for the faint hearted, they will bring an extra zing to every project.

There are now 16 colours in the range, and still amazing value at 3mtrs for £1.00 or you can choose the Collection Pack for £7.00 which will have 10 assorted colours.

Dorothy sent in these two wonderful kaliedoscope cards of Sydney and Mollie.  

Thank you Dorothy, they are so different and look very difficult to make.  I see you have used the eyelash on Sydney's card - it's a perfect trim.
Yes, to those of you who asked - Mollie looked beautiful in her Christening outfit.
Although I am not sure she could wear something that long everyday. Her legs did not stop moving I was sure she was going to kick the ancient seams out!!!

I seem to be having one of those days, my fomatting has gone to pot, my car is sick and has just been picked up by a transporter - think I will go home!!  Before I go, I will let you into a secret, I am working on the next challenge but am struggling as to which NEW range of ribbons to use, so keep your eyes posted.

Many thanks for Birthday wishes, I had a great day. 

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