Crafty's Tour de France

We've arrived in Metz and everything went as planned, something we are not very used to! 

The ferry crossing was a dream and and not at all rough, although we did not leave on time.  Why is it that it doesn't matter what time we turn up at the ferry port, or what vehicle we are driving or what lane number we are sent down,  the men dressed in yellow see us and say "Arrh Crafty Ribbons are here, we will load them last".  Always, everytime!!

It was a cold night and I was frozen by the time we got to the cabin, thankfully Tony always books a 4 berth outside cabin with window , why the window I have no idea, you can not see anything -it's dark when we leave Portsmouth and dark when we arrive in France. Anyway it means that there are always 2 duvets going spare, so pinned down in my bunk with 3 duvets I soon got warm!!

We seemed to have been driving for hours before we saw our first Metz sign, yippee we only had 282 clicks to go!! 

Lunch time, well we are in France! It would be rude not to stop and enjoy their cuisine.  You would have thought that we had taken a detour and arrived at some off the beaten track ski chalet.  The waitress said it had been snowing since last Friday, thankfully several of our customers had warned us and we were well prepared - warm clothes - shovel - water - food - you name it and I probably had packed it.

Honest this is not a ski resort Bev and Rachie!!!!

Look I can prove it.....

....get your maps out girls and you well see that the A4 takes you to Metz.  We do not get to see snow like this in Dorset, I know that most of you are bored of it by now, but all I wanted to do was jump in and make snow angels.  I have been promising to do this with Sydney for so long, all that has been missing is the snow!!

After a wonderful lunch we continued to Metz, where we are tucked up in a comfy warm hotel, ready for the delights that setup tomorrow will bring!

Untill next time.

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