Very Pink!

Oooooh! Very PINK!  This is what we found when we arrived at the exhibition centre today - this is our stand and yes that is our electrics scattered on the floor.  Wooh! a bit of a change from the normal grey we get in the UK.  The colour of the carpet is a dark violet - think there maybe a bit of "clashing" going on.

I was very surprised and didn't think it looked too bad by the time we had finished.

Look at all your cards and goodies, there is more stand, but I could not fit it all in the photo.

We have lots of NEW ribbons on the stand, and plan to get them on the website soon, BUT I could not resist showing you these beauties.... ribbons to die for!  I will have great difficulty tomorrow parting with these hand dyed wonders.

Thanks to the girls in the warehouse the stand went together like a dream, it all fitted in as planned. And not one item missing!! So with half the day still to enjoy we headed into Metz.

As you walk out of the car park you see Metz catherdal, Tony and I have only ever been to Metz in January when it is cold and grey.  One day we will visit when the sun is shining and all the little cafes have their terraces open. 

I try very had when away from home to keep up with my "Five a Day"

.....this will do nicely for today, there were FIVE different fruits.  It was pure heaven!!

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